About me

“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.”
— John Maxwell

This quote describes my beliefs since I decided to change career from a Physiotherapist to a Web Developer.
A journey that led me to complete a coding bootcamp in Amsterdam at the end of last year after a period of autodidactism.
An adventure in which I found my passion for coding.
A path that fills me up with excitement and curiosity for where it will take me next.
Currently, I'm at the milestone of looking for my first job as a Full-stack Web Developer in the Netherlands.



The projects are in time order, starting with the latest one.
Most of these projects were made during my studies at Codaisseur's Code Academy. Throughout the academy the main focus was on the functionality, that's also why my latest project consists more UX, bringing balance to my portfolio.
I was mostly working with JavaScript (ES6), React.js, Redux, HTML5, CSS3, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, Express, Sequelize, JWT, TypeScript, Bootstrap, and Material UI among others.
To know more, check out the GitHub repos / websites linked within each description. 



This responsive project was made while learning advanced CSS and SASS through an online Udemy course. The skills learned are showcased in the project. Check out the current version!

---Under development---

Technologies used:

JavaScript (ES6), SASS, HTML5, CSS3 animations included

Journey Planner

This full-stack app is a result of a Hackathon, where the challenge was to use at least one technology, that was not taught throughout the Code Academy course, by Codaisseur. The Hackathon's theme was travel, the time limit was 3 days.

Selftaught technologies used: React Hooks, Moment.js, React-input-moment, React Bootstrap, Vertical-timeline-component-for-react

Ticket Swap

An individual project made for the final evaluation of Codaisseur. This is a full-stack app for advertising tickets for events.
The GitHub repo has to remain private to avoid plagiarism, but I can show it in person.

Main technologies used: JS(ES6), React.js, Redux, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, Express, Sequelize, JWT

Codaisseur's Dynamic Student Assessment

The aim is to improve the measurement of JS knowledge level of future students prior to the bootcamp. This full-stack project is built up of 3 apps, check out the Readme at GitHub for more info.

During a “legacy code” group assignment I contributed to an already existing project - this is an admission test for Codaisseur's Code Academy.

Multiplayer Quiz

A pair-programming project resulting in a full-stack app using Server Sent Events. A registered user can access the game lobby and join a room. The quiz starts when another user has also joined that room.

Main technologies used:
SSE, JS(ES6), React.js, Redux, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, NodeJS, Express, Sequelize, PostgreSQL, JWT


Check out my CV or download it in PDF format.


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